Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna


Devi is the first female child born into the Nachimanda family in over thirty-five years. She was the apple of every ones eyes.

Devanna is a shy boy whose mother had died in a tragic circumstances and he had some how formed an attachment to Devi and her family the first time he set eyes on her. From young she had always protected him fro his tormentors. Those who saw the two of them would assumed that they will be married to each other when they grew up.

But then one night they attended a"Tiger Wedding" and Devi fell in love with the tiger killer, Manchu. Although he is much older than her but she vowed to marry him when she is of age. It's a love triangle in the making with Devi, Devanna and Manchu lives entwine. 

This tangle had a far more devastation as it involves the life of their children.

My Comment:

I found that this book is a hard book to start reading as the beginning was a bit to poetic and long winded for me; with the sunset, the birds and the omen.

But the pace picks up after the first few chapters.

I felt so sorry for Devi and Devanna. It seems that fate is not helping them at all especially Devanna. In the beginning, I pitied Devi for what she had to go through but later on when comes to the kids part, she had lost my sympathy. Near the end of the book she felt like a self centered woman. But then after all that she had gone through and the hatred that she had inside of her all these year, it's not a great wonder that she changed into something ugly.

I salute Devanna's determination despite lack of response from Devi.

The supporting character who was the missionary whose name I had forgotten (just to show how unimportant to me he was) does not really helps the story. His rejection Devanna after Devanna asked for his help doesn't really improve the story.

Anyway, this book was a passable read for me. It could have been better if the author had shaved off a few chapters. This book is great for those who loves sword play with words. The author is good at describing things in  a romantic way



Jothi said...

I know what you mean, when you say a few chapters should have been shaved off! Have come across books like this too. Sometimes some authors spend too much of time being descriptive, that they tend to bore the reader.

Small Kucing said...


True what you said


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