Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Cry In The Jungle Bar by Robert Drewe

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Big, bullish Dick Cullen, light sleeper, former rugby star and present expert on water buffalo, is lumbering through his tour of duty with a UN agency in Asia. Totally out of his depth among his small, deft, knowing colleagues, he lurches sweatily from bar to bar across various tropical states of emergency. Only in the Nameless Nightclub does he realise it is just a matter of time before his nightmares become reality...

My Comments:

I have tried reading this book but can't seems to be able to connect with it.  Can't make the head or tails of it. 

Guess this book is just not for me.

This is just my personal opinion as not everyone will have the same opinion on this book. I have read through some review who give this book high rating. Maybe you can have a go at it and discover what a gem it is.

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